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IMG-20140818-WA0004These are the things I learned about Bath while we visited there on the back of a friend’s wedding one weekend:

  • There are no chips to eat.
  • In the surrounds of the town, they have kept all of the antique buildings looking as they originally did, which is fantastic and means you won’t immediately come across a nasty eyesore such as a petrol station.
  • Despite the very lovely and quaint little cream tea shops tucked away into little old buildings, they are not at all accessible for parents with a buggy or pram, what with the awkward steps and narrow doorways.

Our longest trip away with our daughter, who is now five months, she has been really flexible to her new environment, sleeping in the night as she would do at home and happy and curious to take in new surroundings. We had been looking forward to seeing the Wiltshire countryside and the pleasantries of Bath all week. But we didn’t end up going for afternoon tea in Bath like I imagined. Or having a traditional Bath Bun or Sally Lunn Bun. No. It was all about grabbing a blueberry muffin and a latte in Starbucks because that was the only place we could find that we could get the buggy through the door! I don’t mean to complain because Bath was – and is – visually stunning and is lovely to take a walk through and learn about all of its history. It is just unfortunate that the traditional old buildings don’t cater to modern day families with all their baggage required for parents and children with their buggies. Neither could we visit the Roman Baths for the same reason, but the day was too beautiful to make a big fuss out of it. The lack of chips didn’t bother me so much as it did my husband, who refused to eat anything else – that is, until we came across a pasty shop and he quickly changed his mind.


We walked to the magnificent Bath Abbey and discovered some of the important people that had been there in past days, taking in the architectural detail of the building while our daughter blew raspberries at anyone and everyone (she has just learned how to do this). As with a building such as an abbey, anything voices echoes, and so you can imagine how the sound of raspberries was projected across the room…Unfortunately we couldn’t get through the entrance for the ‘oldest house’ in Bath either, or the Roman Baths, but we overlooked that.

Bath Abbey pic

The main park in the town centre had an admission fee (which we found slightly surprising) and instead we took a walk to Sydney Gardens, a sweet little off-beat park (with free entry) and were impressed to see a kind of small festival happening, with live African music, arts activities for kids and a bunch of street food stalls. Families were sat on picnic blankets on the grass, so we joined them and looked around, enjoying the buzz and the music.

As we headed back to the car, we concluded that we would definitely be coming back except, this time, we will be putting our daughter into a baby carrier because we will not be missing out on cream tea next time!



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