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I’m really excited about starting weaning our daughter – making all sorts of different fruit, meat and vegetable concoctions and seeing which varieties she likes the most (I am also looking forward to us trying out some different food!) Just seeing her learn how to feed herself will be so amazing. Which is why I was so happy to read Annabel Karmel’s latest book on weaning. As with all her books, the best-selling author of child nutrition clearly explains the different stages of baby development and provides an abundance of healthy recipes to puree and mash. Each recipe clearly shows the age it is suitable for and how many portions you can get out of it. Plus, the information about the nutrients in each recipe is handy for mums to learn. It is an easy book to dip in and out of, as your baby reaches each stage.

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Recipes I’m particularly looking forward to making are the apple puree, which I remember eating with pork as a roast dinner or in an apple pie. Who am I kidding? I can’t wait to make all of the fruit purees! Savoury recipes include the sticky meatballs, and the mini cottage pies, which sound utterly scrumptious. And who would have thought you could use crunched up cornflakes as a ‘breaded’ coating for fish!

Quick and Easy Weaning is available at all bookstores and on Amazon now for £9.99.

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