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PostHeaderIcon 5 Things Many Parents are Guilty Of….

1. Using their baby’s buggy as a shopping trolley.
Come on, we all do it. It starts off as one bag. A light one that we hang onto one of the handles. Then we think, oh just one more, to hang onto the other one. To balance it out a bit. Then baby starts crying and wants to be picked up. So I think, well, I’ll carry her and the rest of the shopping gets put in her seat and before I know it, my buggy’s turned into a trolley as I wheel it back to the car.

2. Getting crumbs in my baby’s hair as she breastfeeds.
Think we mums are all a bit guilty of this one. It can’t be helped! Sometimes it’s not only crumbs. It might also include drips of yoghurt or tiny bits of apple on the odd sleep suit. Breastfeeding makes you so hungry and it’s tricky (especially for a first-time mum) to practice eating alongside a baby who wants to feed A LOT!

3. Singing ‘Old McDonald Had A Farm’ or ‘Peppa Pig’ on a night out with friends or in the office. Can’t help it. It’s what forms part of my latest hitlist these days. In the car or at home or on the phone. It’s one of the biggest giveaways to letting people know you’re definitely a mummy or daddy.

4. Giving your son or daughter a biscuit to keep them quiet.
I’m not talking about a regular thing that we do, but when your baby is creating the biggest fuss or you just can’t find any way to calm them down and – believe me – when you have tried a lot of different things, giving a Rusk or some kind of biscuit is sometimes the only way! Whether right or wrong, it achieves a goal, at least for a little while.

5. You leave the house without brushing your hair or putting on any mascara/moisturiser/whatever you usually put on. And instead of feeling like a mess, you actually feel quite proud when you manage to leave in under an hour without any traces of sick, dribble or poo on you.

Got any others to share? Share them with me below!

PostHeaderIcon Would you Let your Baby Travel in Their Car Seat, in the Passenger Seat?

car seat pic

We’ve got a new childminder we’ve been trying out to see how she gets on with our daughter and, one morning, we arranged for her to take her to a mother and baby group. The childminder had another, older baby with her as well. We raced out to the car in the rain and she lifted our daughter, into her rear-facing car seat, into the car – in the front.
She sat her in the front of the car.
I screwed up my face. “She’s going in the front?” I said, my heartbeat suddenly beating in my stomach. “I thought babies weren’t allowed to go in the front.” I stared at my daughter’s little face, looking about her then looking at me wondering what was going on. Then my eyes averted to the space in between her car seat and the dashboard and my pulse raced a little faster.
“Oh no, no, it’s fine. She can go in the front,” my child minder reassured me.
“Really?” The space between the car seat and the dashboard was looking bigger by the second. “It’s just that…there’s that space and it’s…” The longer I looked the worse it seemed. I didn’t know anything about putting babies into the front of cars if the airbag was switched off but here, in front of my eyes, everything about it just seemed wrong.
“Honestly, it’s fine,” she added, seeing the look of fear plastered on my face. “The front airbags are all off and it’s fine.”
I wasn’t convinced. I took a glance at the backseats and saw that next to the other baby in her car seat there was an empty toddler sized seat.
“Well, I don’t have time to take that one out now to put her in. We’re a bit short on time now,” the child minder said, seeing me looking. “She really will be fine.” She paused. “Unless you want to drive her yourself and follow me up to the playgroup?”
Follow her up to the playgroup? This was meant to be a practice settling-in session for our daughter to get used to her childminder without me before I started work. What was the point in me paying her if I was just going to have drive her?
“No, it’s okay,” I said, trying to reassure myself. Although my stomach had turned to jelly I decided that if the child minder thought it was safe enough then I would have to trust her on that.
“Okay, that’s fine,” I said. But as I watched them drive off, my heart sank and I cried over the steering wheel on the way home. What have I done? I asked myself. Even after I researched it online, it didn’t make me feel any better.
Would she be driven around in the passenger seat every time? Was this going to be the norm? I knew that was definitely not the way I wanted to play it. Texting my husband confirmed it. He was not happy with it either.
I didn’t relax for the whole time our daughter was with the child minder. Even when she sent me a photo to show that she was happy playing, I was still uneasy about the whole thing and it’s been just enough to tip my scales.
Thought it is indeed legal to have a baby in the passenger seat of a car with the airbag deactivated, does that make it right? And how safe is a baby in that position? It has just shown me that even though it may be perfectly fine, it is not good enough for our baby. And that’s what we have to do as parents – trust our feeling and gut instinct and go with it, no matter what others might be telling us.
I wonder how mums and dads feel about their babies being driven around in the passenger seat? I wonder how many do it already. Maybe it doesn’t bother some parents because if it was too risky then the law wouldn’t say it’s fine if airbags are deactivated.
What other issues have you had with a child minder that has put you off wanting to continue with them? What are the deal breakers for you?
I would love to hear your views on this.

PostHeaderIcon Things that Babies Play With That Aren’t Toys!


I’m not buying any toys for Christmas this year.
It is no secret that people buy all these new, modern toys for their babies or children and they end up playing with the cardboard box. And let’s not forget the wrapping paper as well.
So I will be telling friends and family that if they wanted to get any toys for our little grunter this year I will bet my Christmas dinner that the most entertaining things they can give her will include their leftover Quality Street wrappers, the Christmas crackers, party hats or tree decorations. It’s the simple things isn’t it!
This is judging by what she’s been playing with so far…! Here are a few of the ‘non-toys’ she has found endless amounts of fun using…
An empty milk carton.


An Oreo wrapper.


A tape measure.


Which non-toys are favourites with your babies and children?  Share them here!

PostHeaderIcon Support World Vision’s Halloween Night of Hope campaign for Syrian Children

It’s so simple to show your support for World Vision’s Halloween 2014 campaign to support the children of Syria by carving your own pumpkin or doing a ‘virtual pumpkin’ online…I’ve already carved my own one with a personal message and you can do the same!

Many mums and dads start buying in mounds of sweets, chocolate and lollies and making costumes for their little ones. What is a yearly anticipated night of trick or treating, going to the neighbours to knock on doors and give friendly frights is something else entirely for the children of Syria.
The Syrian civil war, in its fourth year, has stolen the childhoods of millions of children. Children have witnessed the deaths of family members, endured sleepless nights of bombing and fighting, and now live in constant fear and uncertainty.
World Vision is campaigning this year to support the children of Syria and this Halloween you can do your part to help!
The campaign asks people to take part in different activities this Halloween to support the campaign and you can…
 You can share a picture of your carved pumpkin, along with a message of hope to the children of Syria here on this blog. Just email it across and it will be uploaded. You can also upload it onto the World Vision website so that it can show the children of Syria.
The exciting part about this is that all of the pumpkin pictures will combine to create a pumpkin mosaic which will be shared with Syrian refugee children living in Lebanon during a visit this November.
Digital pumpkin                                               Heart Pumpkin

For those of you who would prefer not getting your hands a bit messy carving your own pumpkin, you can create your own pumpkins and heart stencils to carve your own virtual pumpkin. You can do that at the following link and share it and a message of hope with the children of Syria
Whether you’ve carved your pumpkin in person or online, visit World Vision’s website to add your heart and message of hope to its mosaic to show the children of Syria that they have not been forgotten. The mosaic will be shared with Syrian refugee children living in Lebanon during a visit this November.
Or you can also share a message of hope with your social networks and donate £5 by text.
Text HEART to 70060 to donate £5* to help change their future for good.
Find out more by visiting:

PostHeaderIcon Going Bananas

I think Bananas in Pyjamas has fried my brain. Honestly, I can’t believe two live and talking bananas could be so silly. In one recent episode they wanted to pull a cloud down from the sky to give someone as a birthday present. In another show, they trampled on someone’s flowers and tried to cover up the mishap with rocks. I have to smile and just roll my eyes. The character ‘Rat’ looks like he’s about to go for a jog while Bernard the dog looks and sounds like he came from the 1930s. It drives me insane that they call each other by their name after EVERYTHING they say. And the weather is always warm and the sky is always blue there. If only.

And I sing the theme song at random times of the day. So does my husband, even though he’s not at home to watch it.

Then I remembered something.

No matter how much it drives me bonkers, our daughter loves it. Even at her age (six months) she is entertained by the characters and the rhythm of the voices. She may not be able to understand everything that is being said yet but it makes her happy and that is what we, as parents, always have to remember.
And though the bananas may not be the smartest bananas on the block, they are usually (nearly) always set straight by the slightly smarter teddy bears so I guess it does teach children something!

I am a mummy of one, wife and writer who loves to write light-hearted extracts about our parenting adventures and anything family-related. This is me with my gorgeous little grunter! Things grunter loves: Peppa Pig, cuddles, parsnip and chicken, Tickety-Tock, music, dancing and meeting other babies!

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